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Magic Square Puzzle
magic puzzleMagic Square,Online Sudoku Games, Online Puzzle Games,Free Online Games,Maths Game,Brain Games,Puzzle Games, Magic Square Puzzles, brain puzzles,puzzles, mathematics, mathematics puzzle, math puzzle, Number puzzle, logic puzzle, arithmetic puzzleThe Magic Square Puzzles are new kind of Puzzles. These Puzzles involve both Arithmetic and Logic.

In contrast the Sudoku is just a logic puzzle. But the Magic Square Puzzle would improve your number crunching skills as well as logical reasoning skills.

What is a magic square?

Magic square is an arrangement of numbers from n to n2 arranged in such a way that no two numbers repeat and all the rows, columns and diagonals give the same total which is called the magic sum.

8 1 6
3 5 7
4 9 2

If you add all the rows columns and the two diagonals you would get the same total of 15. No number repeats in this magic square and the magic sum is 15.

This is an example for the 3x3 magic square and we also know that the 3x3 magic square is an odd magic square.

We will see one example for the even order magic square.

9 16 5 4
7 2 11 14
12 13 8 1
6 3 10 15

This is an example for the Even order magic square. That too a doubly even order magic square.
The numbers that we have used is from 1 to 16, each only once such that all the 4 rows, 4 columns and two  diagonals give the same magic sum of 34.

The Magic Squares are of two types

1.Odd order Magic Squares and 

2. Even order Magic Squares.

The Even order Magic Squares are again divided into two different types called the 

1. Singly Even order magic squares

2. Doubly Even order Magic Squares.

The examples of the Singly even order magic squares are 6x6, 10x10 etc.

That is the numbers 6, 10 etc are though even numbers are divisible by 2 but not divisible by 4.

The Doubly Even order magic squares are 4x4, 8x8, 12x12 etc. The numbers 4,8,12 etc are divisible by 2 as well as by 4.

Here we will be dealing with only the Doubly Even order magic squares and that too 8x8 magic squares.

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