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Andre Weil
“God exists since mathematics is consistent, and the Devil exists since that consistency cannot be proved.”

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Indira Narasingarao-Magic Square
Indira Narasinga Rao is a retired staff of the Life Insurance Corporation of India.

Magic Square was her hobby.

In the Hindu almanac there is one Sri Rama Chakra. It is used for making predictions.

When she saw that Sri Rama Chakra, she was wondering why it was named after a Hindu God.

What was special about it?

On close study she found out that it was a magic square.

Not only Sri Rama Chakra; Seetha Chakra, Kubera Chakra and many other chakras dedicated to various Gods and planets etc. are all magic squares.

This aroused her interest for the magic squares in general and Sri Rama Chakra in particular.

Soon she was able to construct the Sri Rama Chakra for any magic sum.

Then she was able to scale up the 4x4 Sri Rama Chakra to 8x8, 12x12 Žup to 1000x1000. For this she was honored by the Ramanujan Museum, situated in the Royapuram, Chennai.

She was also interviewed by the Sun TV for their Saadhanai Nayagan program.

She also found a mention in the Limca Book of records.

Then recently she came out with a book titled Magic of Magic Squares, which is a home publication.

Then her son T.N. Mahesh, took active interest in the magic squares and he has developed the magic square puzzles.

They believe this is a unique puzzle in the field of magic squares.

The magic square falls under the recreational mathematics and therefore this puzzle also falls under the recreational side of mathematics.

They wish all the people who visit this site a nice time in playing the puzzles.

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